The heart of Manitoba is our “tigella” in other words a stuffed bread, born in remote times, that is typical of the Italian region ‘Emilia Romagna’.

The origins of the tigella are lost over time, probably this dish was prepared the first time during the Middle Ages. Born in the chestnut forests in the mountains between Emilia and Tuscany it was initially known as “Crescentina”. This was cooked between two refractory stone disks in the domestic fire place. When they were cooked, the tigelle, were overlapped alternating them with chestnut leaves to absorb moisture and preserves its goodness. Now as then, we are proud to say that our tigella is skillfully prepared in the respect of ancient traditions.

We think the best taste comes out when you use the best quality ingredients respectfully prepared. For this reason, our dishes are created with the finest quality D.O.P. ( denomination of protected origin ) this is a title only able to be applied to foods and wines of a high quality, which are made in a region by traditional methods. Our dishes are made with products carefully selected to offer the
best Italian natural taste. We are proud to bring quality respecting the origins of the product, that’s why our ingredients are organic.